Objects / Packaging / Promotional

Commissioned by the City of Cork as European Capital of Culture Iris saw the distribution of almost 10,000 stainless steel rings designed by Rafal Kosakowski throughout Cork in 2005. Each ring is a symbol of an expanded community; an invitation to actively engage with each other, acknowledging potential in seemingly ordinary encounters. Each Iris ring came with a set of five simple, written instructions, inviting the wearer of a ring to show a physical or mental response whenever he or she meets someone wearing the same ring. Here, the choreographers’ work was centred on facilitating a social dynamic. The work created; the human patterns of being and moving, become a choreographic work at once ephemeral and playful, the ring becoming the key to a world of invisible links.

Client: City of Cork (IRL)
Creative/Art Direction, Design: Rafal Kosakowski
Concept: Michael Klien
Photography: Michael DĂĽrr
Precision casting: O.ST. Feinguss
Created: 2004/2005