Just Like the Movies

Rafal Kosakowski designed film titles and promotional material for the award-winning experimental film Just Like the Movies by Michal Kosakowski. In collaboration with the filmmaker and the gallery, Rafal developed an exhibition concept and designed the accompanying exhibition book.

“‘It’s just like the movies!’ was usually the first reaction of those watching the events of 9/11 in New York unfolding on their TV screens, no doubt recalling the endless number of catastrophes that Hollywood has proposed over the years. Now confronted with the reality of one such scenario—of unprecedented destructive and symbolic resonance—a feeling of déjà vu arises while looking at these images. This paradoxical déjà vu presents a great challenge to our realism. If documentary images are graphic testimony of real events, then footage of 9/11 is evidence of the realization of the existing fiction. Just Like the Movies is an attempt to re-construct the events of 9/11 by highlighting the parallels between the fictive worlds and the images of the real events.”

—Michal Kosakowski, Director