Laboratory for Social Choreography 2021/2022

Rafal Kosakowski gave the identity a new look, adapted to the Program in 2021/2022. Founded in 2020, the Laboratory for Social Choreography at the Kenan Institute for Ethics is dedicated to fostering human relations that are unbound from our assumptions about mind, body, society and environment. Rooted in the premise that in order to meaningfully respond to the challenges of our times, we must move and think beyond the horizon of our understanding, the laboratory is a hub for the research and development of experimental ways of learning and organizing. The Laboratory for Social Choreography focuses on the equitable transformation of social structures and the articulation of new modes of governance through aesthetics.

“Social Choreography permeates the tightly knit fabric of socialization, for other potential realities to be sensed and experienced, and for new relational fields amongst human and non-human to be forged. The practice of Social Choreography deals with the uncovering of underlying social relations and patterns—the choreography of the social—through embodied practices, and always, engages these dynamics for new social choreographies to emerge simultaneously.”

—Michael Kliën, Director