Tondenkmäler der Tiefbaukunst in Österreich

Rafal Kosakowski created an identity for Volkmar Klien’s installation Sonic Monuments to the Splendour of Civil Engineering in Austria, exhibited in the Small Baroque Cellar of Melk Abbey.

Visitors who enter the Small Baroque Cellar find themselves in a strange situation. To the left, right and above, a landscape that appears to have been filmed from a moving car passes by on six-meter-long screens. The projection surface at the front offers a view of what is yet to come. All of the objects that pass by in these projections, such as crash barriers, electricity pylons, boundary walls, garden fences and parked cars, are also clearly audible as they rush by—a spatially highly differentiated, audible image of the visible surrounds you. Every change, every movement in the visually perceptible landscape is accompanied by a clearly associated acoustic change. While driving through the area around Melk and on excursions to destinations further away, Volkmar Klien documents the reflections of the surroundings with countless cameras and just as many microphones from his car. This topographical land survey reveals—in the noise—the wonders of Austrian achievements in road construction and—beyond that—the general scenic and architectural beauty of the homeland.