Gipsy Express

Rafal Kosakowski designed a film poster for the short documentary Gipsy Express. Written, directed and produced by Michal Kosakowski in 2002, Gipsy Express is an emotional journey through the musical world of Moša Sisič, violinist with heart and soul.

“Moša Sisič is Roma, comes from a traditional violinist dynasty from the former Yugoslavia and has been living in Vienna for 37 years. His life in Vienna inspired Moša Sisič to exceed the bounds of traditional Roma music and combine the oriental sounds of the Balkans with elements from Austria and around the world. The consequent, very special style leads us on a path of pure joie de vivre but also deep melancholy. In his energetic and direct way, Moša Sisič tells of his love for music and Vienna, his spiritual musical connection with God and the boundless devotion to his violin.”

—Michal Kosakowski, Director